5 Awesome Seafood Valentine’s Day Ideas to Wow Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s Day is full of romantic gestures, puns, and candy. It is the right occasion to tell someone special what they mean to you and for that, you are going to having to get them a present because that’s the rule. However, wowing your sweetheart with a valentine rose is not going to be enough. You need to do more to make this Valentine’s Day special for your sweetheart. In case you have run out of Valentine’s Day ideas, you have come to the right place. This 14th February, instead of simply buying Valentine’s Day gifts, why not show your partner affection with a romantic seafood meal? This seafood dinner could be anything –baked dishes, soups, curry or something else your beau would love.

Seafood Valentine’s Day ideas

Have a look at 5 awesome seafood Valentine’s Day ideas to please your loved one:

  1. Oysters Topped With Cream

This one is easy, to begin with. The oysters are topped with cream, breadcrumbs Gruyère cheese, and watercress salad. It just takes 7 minutes to prepare them. This dish does not just look good but tastes good too. So, count it as one of the Valentine’s Day ideas for her.

Valentine’s Day ideas
  • Crab And Asparagus Salad

Don’t think your partner would appreciate oysters? No worries, try this crab and asparagus salad. It can be used as both main course and a starter. The combination of crab and asparagus is always fantastic.  It would take 20 minutes to prepare this dish and it’s super easy.

Valentine’s Day ideas
  • Mexican Shrimp Ceviche

This seafood recipe can be used as Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriend. You will need martini glasses to serve it. As it would look fancy, your boyfriend will love the effort. This recipe requires marinating lightly-poached shrimps in fresh lime juice. Toss some cucumber, avocados, onions, tomatoes and top them with cilantro. Add a tangy sauce to spike the Mexican flavor.

Valentine’s Day ideas
  • Grilled Scallops With Tomatoes

It’s another quick meal you can prepare as one of your impressive seafood Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Grilled scallops paired with tomato and red pepper chutney taste so good. The prep time is 40 minutes but it is worth the effort. You can serve them with rice and roasted vegetables. It would make a great combination.

Valentine’s Day ideas
  • Tuna With Coconut Curry

Here is another seafood meal that you can use as one of the Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend. It is a Thai-style curry. It is easy to cook even on a weeknight. It can also serve as an entrée. It is a combination of hot, sour, sweet, and salty flavors. Make sure while you are cooking it, you use the freshest tuna.  It takes 30 minutes to prepare this meal. You will also need fish sauce for this recipe. The sauce must be served under the tuna. Garnish it with cilantro and mint.

Valentine’s Day ideas

As you try any of these unique Valentine’s Day Ideas to impress your sweetheart with your cooking, don’t forget to buy them a valentine’s present along with that.


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