5 reasons why Custom Made Wedding Dresses are the better choice for you!

wedding dresses

Ready-to-wear wedding dresses are manufactured in volume. Through economies-of-scale, you are able to enjoy ready-to-wear Wedding dresses at an affordable price. There is a cutter that cuts and a pattern maker that grades using the help of software. With the aid of tools and technology, a professional cutter is able to cut 50 garments or more at one time in standard sizes. Ready-to-wear gowns may be constructed through piecework with over 20 machinists sewing up hundreds of gowns at the same time in the same style. Ready-to-wear production may take 1 month or up to 6 months to complete, depending on the volume and style required.

Despite the widespread availability of ready-to-wear bridal gowns, many brides still prefer custom made gowns. Below are a few reasons why brides choose to get a gown made for their big day.

wedding dresses

Why Custom Made Wedding dresses are better?

1) For brides that do not necessarily fit into standard dress size, getting a gown designed and made for you would be a fantastic way to get the best fit you’ve ever experienced. Getting an expert’s help also means they are able to help you highlight your best assets.

2) You can customize and personalize all details, from fabrications, trims to style additions (e.g. 3 meter trains, detachable sleeves, convertible dresses and specific laces, meaningful embroidery such as the date of your wedding or both your initials, inclusion of a family heirloom into your dress; such as a brooch, button or kerchief).

  1. i) Designs: Custom made gowns designers such as Belle et Blanc wedding dresses Brunswick are well known in the art of ready-to-wear, often with a reputation for designing on trend pieces. Most brides pay around four thousand for their wedding dresses. This signifies an excellent quality for the price you are paying.
  1. ii) Embroidery and Fabric: The fabrics are often in A-grade man-made fibers. This just means the finishing of the fabrics are higher in quality, softer to touch and they last longer. This may include polyesters and nylons.

iii) Laces: Laces used are on trend and currently available on the market.

  1. iv) Trims and appliqués: Trims may include A-grade glass crystals and beads. These trims are sewing machine constructed and are hand sewn and appliquéd on the dress.

3) If you have a themed wedding or wish to customize your mother’s wedding dresses and update it for your wedding day, getting a designer with experience in the art of couture will ensure a smooth and fruitful outcome.

4) Share a wonderful and memorable journey with your family and friends when getting your gown made. The process of attending fittings with your loved ones will stay with you forever even after your wedding day.

5) An average gown spend by a bride is thought to start from four thousand dollars, keep in mind this is for a ready-to-wear gown. Dependent upon the designer experience, schedule and location, to get a custom made gown starts from five thousand dollars. Despite the price, many brides still choose to get a gown designed and made just for them, because they enjoy the process of co-creation, where she is able to contribute her ideas and work with the designer to achieve her great vision for her special day.