All Saints; 2019 Winters star modern street shooting


Has entered the early winter, we set clothing list too? Woolen jackets, classic trench coat, or nude colored ankle boots? Needless to say, these to In a single product purchase Xiaobian this reminds you: you want to winter with becoming the Chic not only a breakthrough in the clothing and accessories of the dotting cannot be ignored!


 European and American stars are well versed in secret, have for giving us the current street shooting accessories dinner. Sized handbags, wind, and dust of the sunglasses, sweater chain, the finishing touch with a nice scarf …… stars with these “small” means winter shape with a “big” Aspect Street shooting star Look must guide your home clothing program has quickly with the Xiaobian to see it now

Can leggings be clothed like that? Coming hot mom Alicia – LVL (Ali Larter) to tell you: there is nothing wrong! Coupled with a motorcycle jacket and wool Ugg, so “free and unrestrained” out to the streets to buy coffee. Bare to wear glossy leggings leg type requirements is high; the paper on its own legs confident children can also try!

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 1 fresh style, chic and match for

 Major brand style in winter 2019, many people feel that ease of mind, the first is not too complicated genre, followed by the use of color are more gentle or beautiful, the more important point is that the elegant lines, a lot of work to show freestyle in favor of neutral chic flavor, a lot of men’s wide trousers and coats have emerged. Accessories, exaggerated costume jewelry popular, used in conjunction with the overall style, the effect is very prominent, and some of the single holiday product are endless, such as the generous hats, leaves, fibers, and cotton intertwined large octagonal-shaped sunglasses with decorated with a chain tassel bag and so on.

2. The dazzling colors

 Style cocktail dress, crepe and georgette print dress, gold and silver knitted coat, embroidery casual, and gentle Bermuda shorts constitute a charming design of Dior winter. From the use of color is a refreshing, eye-catching color of a large area, the soft contours of charming and easy elegance to create a unique sense of fresh. Moroccan style printing, beads, and wooden embroidery with double-sided cashmere, thin satin, and very modern, beautifully decorated to send tone perfect combination of people had on holiday living imagination. The color matching is also quite a color, bold choice of white, nude color, red, pink, coral and electric blue and other colors, dazzling takes away people.

3. Eye-catching accessories

 Now say the world of costume jewelry, early winter series, and how little had they? Cool white, mirror plexiglass jewelry, exaggerated drape ornaments decorated more process power and imagination, with its simple dress is absolutely not monotonous. The new Lady Dior bag is brought out more and more the charm of winter styles, even naughtier bag control that put it down. Brightly colored high heels and sandals and slippers to enjoy the lazy, with elegant and charming garments complement each other


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