Best Eyelash growth serum that works (Quickly)

eyelash growth serum

It’s time you ditch the fake eyelashes, extensions and other methods that you use to make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller. Such products are not good your eyes since they can irritation and even skin discoloration. To get beautiful lashes, perhaps you can rely on an eyelash growth serum. It can help condition your eyelashes and even make them grow.

eyelash growth serum

Eyelash growth serum DIY

The best eyelash growth serum DIY is a combination of castor oil and vitamin E.  Castor oil has induced lash hair growth in many people.  You can make your serum by mixing castor oil with Aloe Vera and apply it to your lashes overnight. This combination will stimulate hair growth and make your lashes dense.

eyelash growth serum

Other than Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and castor oil together stimulate hair growth too. Vitamin E has the ability to reduce oxidative stress on the scalp. You can mix both and use it as an effective eyelash growth serum.

Eyelash growth serum that works fast

Who wouldn’t want an eyelash growth serum that shows the results fast? Experts say that most of the serums sold in the market contain ingredients such as Panthenol, Peptides, and Sodium Hyaluronate. They have very subtle effect on the growth of your lashes. They simply act as moisturizers and water binders. They increase the flexibility of your hair and even make them look thicker but they don’t actually make your eyelash hair grow.

Best Eyelash growth serum 2020

There are a bunch of eyelash growth serums that actually make a difference. Here is the list of the best ones:

  1. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

RevitaLash contains proprietary BioPeptide Complex, Botanicals and Peptides. It is one of the popular serums on the market and lots of people have seen results with its use.

  • Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes

This formula could be used on the dedicated skin around your eyes as well as lashes. It helps fight signs of aging and also boosts the lash volume.

eyelash growth serum that works fast

Ways to get better lashes

Other than using an eyelash growth serum, there are lots of things you can do to make your lashes beautiful and fuller. Such as:

  • Use a primer: Eyelashes often break when they are dry. To prevent that from happening, use a primer on a regular basis to condition them.
  • Remove mascara properly: Just like you shouldn’t go to bed without taking off your makeup, you shouldn’t go to bed without completely removing your mascara. Use a gentle eye-makeup remover for that.
  • Use eyelash curler: You don’t always have to wear eyelash extensions, you can also use an eyelash curler to make them look beautiful. Invest in a heated eyelash curler. It puts less pressure on your lashes but still create the curl that you desire.

Best Eyelash serum

Instead of buying an over-the-counter eyelash growth serum, it is recommended to create one at home. The DIY serum will actually work rather than making your lashes thicker. Plus, it will be less harmful to your eyes and lashes. Give DIY serum a try and you will not regret your decision. The results may take time but they will last longer.


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