10 Creative DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to WOW Your Loved Ones

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is the time of giving. To be honest, it is never easy to find the right Xmas present for your family, loved ones, friends or coworkers. You can always rush to the store and buy last minute Christmas gifts but if you want to give something special to the people you love, you must try harder. To make your gifts stand out from the rest, go for homemade Christmas gifts this year.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

The best gift you could ever give to your loved ones is a handmade gift. The fact that you took your time and spent all the energy creating something for your loved one is amazing. They will cherish that for as long as that gift remains. But the question is, how to come up with creative homemade gifts for your loved ones?

For your inspiration, we bring you top 10 DIY Christmas gift ideas that will WOW the ones you love. Let’s get right onto it:

Buttoned picture frame

DIY Christmas gift ideas

 You can make this one for your mother. But before that, find a picture of you two together and make sure it is the one your mother loves. Buy a plain photo-frame and add life to it by gluing colorful buttons on it. Of all the Xmas gifts, she would love this one.

A Pineapple made out of Ferrero Rochers

You don’t need an actual pineapple, you just a bottle of wine and Ferrero Rochers. Wrap the f wine in paper and then stick Ferrero Rochers around it to create a Pineapple. Don’t forget to add green leaves on the top. You can also use it as one of the Christmas decorations ideas.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Mitten set

This one is for someone who loves to cook. It could be for your mom, wife or sister. Buy a set of kitchen utensils and put them in an oven glove or mitten. Embellish with a bow on the top.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Custom Tote bags

This is one of those creative DIY Christmas gifts ideas for your bestie who is outspoken and does not mind wearing his/her heart on the sleeve. You can get anything written on those tote bags. If there is an inside joke that you both share, go ahead, get it printed.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Leather laptop case

It is one of those Xmas gifts that will save you money and at the same time make you look smart. If anyone you know is too possessive about their laptop, make them a leather laptop case. You can easily buy a different variety of fabrics to create one at home. Sewing is not a hard job at all.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Tassel earrings

Who doesn’t love tassel earrings? In fact, they would make for one of the best homemade Christmas gifts 2018 for your bestie, sister or girlfriend.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

They would love to know that you have made them these bright baubles by yourself. All you have to do is sew tassels in different colors to create shoulder grazing earrings. You can go for any other style too.

Gingerbread Granola

Food is always welcomed on Christmas and when it is Gingerbread Granola, no one would say no. You can take its recipe from the internet or ask your grandma to help you with it. It is super easy. Once you are done, scoop all of it into mason jars and share it with your loved ones. They will be super excited to taste something made by you at this occasion.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Monogram Mugs

If you can’t come up with creative Christmas gift ideas, then you can always go for monogram mugs. It is ok if you are not that design-savvy. Knowing that you tired, your loved ones will adore this gift. Just buy a plain cub and doodle anything you want.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Homemade sugar scrub

Who doesn’t love cinnamon vanilla body scrub? It is very easy to whip at home and it smells like holiday. Why not treat your loved ones with this gift. You can also make it in a large batch and give it to anyone you think needs a little pampering. This is one of the most admired creative homemade gifts.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

Personalized welcome mat

This is one of the simplest DIY Christmas gift ideas. It is easier to make and you will have tons of opportunities to customize it. You can even buy a stencil to imprint the design you like or let your kids create an abstract design. Once you are done, let it dry and it will be ready to wipe everyone’s feet.

DIY Christmas gift ideas

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, the sky is the limit. This year, why not do something special? It is a little frustrating when you receive the same gifts from every other person. However, you have the perfect opportunity to make this year special by making your loved ones Christmas gifts from your own hands with love.


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