Most Sold Nail Polish Brands of 2019 (Top Reviews)

Nail Polish Brands

Nail color and nail polishes are very much in fashion. All the women who are fashionable and believe in an up-to-date wardrobe have a few dozens of nail colors belonging to different nail polish brands. The collection generally has many colors and types. The technology has made doing nail art simple with all the nail decals, stickers and stencils. Today, there are dedicated nail care salons all around and most fashionable women cannot think of leaving the house without having their nails done! We did a survey of the to find out how the various nail polish brands are doing in the market. We have compiled a list of Most sold nail polish brands in 2019.

Nail Polish Brands

List of Most Popular and sold nail polish brands 2019


ILNP is the top result that we get when we search for nail polish on Amazon. A quick dig into the brand made it clear why this nail polish brand is so popular among the ladies.

  • The nail colors offered by this brand are very modern and contemporary. Most of the colors offered are holographic, magnetic and shimmer. Hence, the classic mattes are not really a thing with the ILNP.
  • The brand claims to be cruelty-free. And they go on to claim that they do not get supplies and services from a company that tests its products on animals.
  • The price range is very affordable at $10.
  • ILNP does not use Toluene, Formaldehyde, or Dibutyl Phthalate. These three components were formerly used in most nail polishes until new studies found them to be injurious or irritable to human beings.
  • The reviews about the nail polish are very motivating. One user says ‘The color and shimmer is absolutely gorgeous. I have a few other shades of ILNP, but this one is truly stunning. Packaging is lovely and the quality of the polish is excellent. Easy to remove as well.’’

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Essie has been around for years and still managing the top stop. It is popularly used by celebrities around the world. The pink tones of this brand are used by the female members of the British Royal Family. The reasons why the brand is so popular are the following.

  • Essie has been around for 35 years. It has been trusted by top-notch beauty professionals and make up enthusiasts for all these years.
  • The brand offers more than 1000 nail polish shades.
  • The price of a single piece of nail polish ranges from $9 and more.
  • The colors that are offered are classic. They range from dark shades like crimson to subtle colors like pearly pink hues.
  • Essie has maintained the top position because the customers are satisfied. One buyer says ‘love this nail polish color. I always prefer wearing a pearl color and this is a very soft color for a pearl. Not too white at all. Goes on very easily and stays fresh looking for a good week. Will definitely buy this brand again.’


Aimelie is a new name in the world of nail polish brands. It was founded in 2012. The brand has its roots in Hong Kong so it is pretty obvious that the items will be futuristic and modern! Following are the reasons why the brand is doing well according to Amazon sales.

  • AIMEILI offers 8 gel nail polish types, they include temperature-color changing range, conventional solid color range, diamond collection, candy range, galaxy paranoid range, sun play collection and cat eye collection. As different as the names sound, the nail colors and their effects are also very unique.
  • The gel nail polish stays on for 2 weeks. The nail color does not chip off like other nail paints. This is a huge plus for professional women who do not find time to keep changing their nail colors every other day.
  • The glitter nail polishes are full of glitter and not like the other shades that have a few glitter spots here and there. And unlike the other glitter nail polishes, it doesn’t go on too thick. So it’s perfect for a glitter nail polish.
  • For all the amazing features of the polish, the price is quite affordable at $6.99 and more.


These are our observations about the nail polish options out there. What do you think? What is your experience with any of these nail polish brands? Which brand do you think is the best? Let us know in comments!


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