Psychedelic Fashion for the Free-Spirited

Psychedelic Fashion

1906s was the era when cultural change and the peace movement began in the United States. It was the time when the hippies started expressing themselves through art, music, and fashion. The styles that began on the Height Ashbury streets spread and youth around the country were seen in tie-dyed shirts and bell-bottoms. Soon, psychedelic clothing and trippy artwork started representing the free-spirited. The style remains fresh and creative to this day.

What Do Psychedelic Clothing Depict?

Psychedelic clothing is the choice of individuals who are considered rebellious, unconventional, and anti-establishment. These designs can be seen on denim trousers, fur-trimmed vests, flowing caftans and a number of other ensembles for both men and women. Psychedelic art started in the 1960s however, the style of this artwork was revolutionized by 3 art movements. These include the Art Nouveau, Vienna Secession, and Surrealism.

The characteristic features of Psychedelic clothing include swirling and abstract patterns painted in intense vivid colors. The word psychedelic means mind-manifesting. That’s why the designs feature distorted and surreal visuals. Apart from abstract art, you can also see animation and cartoons in the designs for the purpose of evoking the psychedelic experiences. These are one of a kind designs printed on clothes you love and even paintings.

Psychedelic Fashion

Perfect Festival Clothing

Even to this date, Psychedelic clothing is a choice of many people. You don’t have to be a hippy to wear them. Even if you are a free-spirited person who isn’t defined by boundaries of this world, the trippy artwork will speak for you. People wear these designs casually, on art and music festivals and whenever they want. There are no restrictions!

Today, fashion has progressed so much and you can have designs of your choice printed on clothes.  This fashion is still a way to transfer external reality by visions projected on one’s mind.

It’s hard to single out the investors of the Psychedelic fashion because eventually, multiple designers adapted to this fashion and made contributions to the design.  Even big designers like Yves Saint Laurent brought psychedelic color and art on a bridal gown. This dress was worn on the runway show.  

Psychedelic Fashion

Patterns in the Psychedelic Art

Some of the patterns in Psychedelic art include:

  • Hypnotic

It’s an optical pattern popping bright colors and monochromatic schemes.

  • Fluidic Lines

These are long lines added on soft lightweight fabrics.

  • Kaleidoscopic Florals

These floral prints are inspired by the 60s tradition. Floral prints are twisted into a kaleidoscopic pattern.

  • Tie-Dye

It’s a combination of fur-trimmed design spreading rapidly forming a tie-dyed fashion. It’s one of the favorite patterns of the hippies. They accessorize it with beaded necklaces, headbands and other ethnic jewelry.

The beauty of the Psychedelic trend is that you can’t go wrong with clashing so many different colors and uncoordinated patterns. The bolder you go, the better. When you are wearing Psychedelic clothes, it’s recommended to stay contemporary with your accessories. Shop for unique and appealing Psychedelic designs to depict your personal style. Wear neat pointed flats, carry a mini bag and rock your Psychedelic look.


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