Purchasing Tips for Double Quilts-ultimate Guide

108-inch quilt backing

Once the quality quilts were only made of real goose down, today, the attention to ecology has brought back eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton and hemp. Even the technology of synthetic materials has made great strides, and currently, the best synthetic duvets can rival natural ones in terms of lightness and breathability.

How to choose the best double quilt

When the warmer season goes away, only a thin sheet laid on the bed is left behind. The first notes of autumn, however, bring us down to earth. And it is exactly that moment when we realize that we have not yet purchased a double quilt to warm up in the long, cold nights. In the market, there are many colorful choices, at very affordable price, which goes well with any style of furniture and can also reflect the preferences and character of those who use them. Here we will discuss some purchasing tips for double quilts.

Dimensions are important for an always warm and comfortable bed

One of the first features that you will have to check when you decide to buy a quilt concerns the dimensions indicated by the manufacturer, on the website, or the label. The quilt must be decidedly wider than the length and width of the mattress, also because, unlike the classic duvet, it must also cover the outer edges of the bed.

Usually, a double mattress measures 160 x 190, although now we also find mattresses made to measure and with slightly different dimensions on the market. In any case, only evaluate quilts with dimensions of 260 x 260. Otherwise, you would risk being left uncovered during the night, or you would still be subject to considerable heat dispersion. And at night it is not recommended.

Quality and degree of the heaviness of a double quilt

When you decide to buy a quilt, you must also establish the level of heat you require from the product. This depends on several factors, you live in a well-insulated apartment, and even in winter, you never reach particularly low temperatures. Based on these reasons, you will have to evaluate and exclude some articles, preferring others.

Usually, the “ladder” of the quilts extends over five levels: level 1 includes all the quilts that can be used in spring, therefore with still mild temperatures. In contrast, level 5 represents an extreme heat power, suitable for the cold winter nights without the use of heating. The final choice is yours.

108-inch quilt backing

108-inch quilt backing:

If you want to make a quilt at home, then buy quilting fabric. There is a lot of variety in the market and online. Most of the people like to buy 108″ wide printed fabrics, especially for quilting backing. The108 inch quilt backing is an excellent choice in many ways, such as it saves your time and money. The yardage of 108 inches wide fabric costs less, and no seams on the quilt backing give your quilt a cleaner look. Similarly, wide fabric saves your time from patches on the back of your quilt. For baby quilts, you can make two quilt backing with 108 inches wide fabric. However, for king size quilt backing, you need to add half yard fabric to make it bigger. But for smaller king size quilt backing; it might work without extra piecing.

There is absolutely no best brand of quilts: you will have to imagine a ranking based on user reviews. The materials with which quilts are usually made are divided into natural and synthetic. We find interiors in goose down, cotton, chenille, wool, or synthetic material.

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