How to Create Elegant and Simple Nail Designs (Instagram Inspiration)

Simple Nail Designs

Doing nail art is the top fashion hobby of the fashion-forward girls of today. And for everyday wear, simplistic nail designs are the best as they are not too flashy and look stylish in everyday life. But creating these simple nail designs is not that easy. You need the right tools and the right tricks to get the nails done right.

Make these simple nail designs at home

Following four simple nail art can be done at home.


If you do not have a lot of time but you still want to quench the craving for nail art, you can do this kind of design quickly. Pain half of your nails one solid color, like blue or red, or green like this image. On the remaining nail, paint a light color as the first coat. Use a thin nail art brush to create leaves on it. Do not dip the brush heavily. Once done, apply the clear top coat to finish the look.

simple nail designs


This look is very in these days. You can paint the nails matching with the dress that you are going to wear. Keep two or three nails a solid color. On the rest, create polka dot style. Be careful and apply the dots with the right distance so that it doesn’t look messy. Use the nail art brush to paint flowers on the last nail. Use the top coat to finish.

simple nail designs


This is a simple design. But it is not that simple to create. You need to pick the right colors that complement each other. For example, in this picture, the colors are pastels and soft. Hence the look turns out to be simple and cute. But if you use solid colors like red or blue, the final look can be tacky. So make sure that you choose good colors. Also, when creating the look, don’t dip the brush for too long as you don’t want a heavy drop of nail color to spoil the whole design. Do it carefully. When done, apply a final transparent coat.

simple nail designs


If you are looking for the simple nail designs which will be perfect for a night out to party, use this image as a guide. The colors are glamorous, what could be more glamorous than black and glitter? To balance the intensity, use a lighter tone of color on two of the fingernails. Baby pink, nude or a shade of robin egg blue can be perfect.

simple nail designs

You should opt for a color that goes with the outfit that you are going to wear. On the other two nails, apply black color. Show your artistic skill on the light tone nails, as shown in the picture. You can draw a line with the glitter. You can paint half of it with glitter. If you have press-on guides, you can get creative. Paint the remaining nail with glitter nail polish. Apply transparent polish as a top coat to finish the design.

Inspiration from Instagram

Internet has become a real powerful medium. Today, many ladies that are nail art enthusiasts create stunning designs and share their images on Instagram. A quick search using the #nailart revealed many stunning nail designs that I would like to mention here.

Look at this very simple yet very stunning nail art created and shared by an instagrammer. The use of colors is brilliant along with a small swatch of silver on top.

I am in love with this simple nail design. A rainbow of colors and a bit of embellishment to make it chic! You can use any kind of stars or diamontes to add the extra factor to your nails.

In this design, the art has reached yet another level. The white design is water decal that is easily available and very simple to use. So these are simply grey nails with white decal design on them!

This is another stunning example of using embellishments on the nails. And, as this instagrammer has illustrated, doing this embellishment art is even enough on just one nail!

Polka dots never go out of fashion, even when used for creating nail art. This instagrammer has perfected the nail decor by making polka dots designs on one nail and making the rest simple!

This is the height of simplicity! Get a plain pink color background coat and adorn it with black geometric designs. A square, a rectangle, a small circle, all go well when done correctly!

I totally love this mix and match of polka dots and straight lines. And the little heart on one of the nails appears as a cherry on top.

Simple is beautiful. This instagrammer has utilized green and green glitter to create a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. The colors match and look absolutely stunning.

A small heart here and there to top simple pink nail color is simply stunning. I love it when the ladies reach the ultimate degree of sophistication by maintaining simplicity!

This watermelon art is like a breath of fresh air. Baby pink nails adorned with a watermelon design just looks as fresh as a watermelon.

This nail design is a perfect example of how small dots can create the difference. The black, white and red dots are making the gold nail art appear even more beautiful.


You can do simple nail art and have glamorous nails at home, no need to visit the salon! Leave a comment and let us know which nail art design you love the most?


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