Synthetic long curly Lace wigs

Long Curly Synthetic Wig

Production Description

Is there anything more fun than wearing blue curly wigs?  We think not.  In fact, you’ll find that, in your search for 26 inch synthetic curly wigs, you’ll be impressed with both the look of this one as well as its feel.

     We understand that you’re looking for a wig that is going to feel lightweight with natural hair movement.  This blue curly wig will offer that to you with bouncing tresses that won’t make you feel like your head weighs a million pounds.

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      Featuring a transparent lace front for comfort and a realistic look that will match various skin tones, this is sure to be top of the list when you are looking specifically for synthetic curly wigs the next time you want to head out with a really fun, brightly coloured look.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a trend setter, this is just the fun wig to do it for you.

Product Link:Long Blue Curly Synthetic Wig

2 Lace Front Long Curly Pink Wig

Production Description

From costumes to cosplay to simply fun colour in an everyday setting, this pink long curly wig is going to be fantastic when you are looking for a beautiful everyday option that is going to offer up bounce, quality, and comfort. 

This pink lace front wig will offer a natural hairline to be better quality synthetic long curly wigs.  With a subtle blend of shades of pink, this wig can be styled however you want it to be, and it’ll look as perfect as you could ask for.

Product Link:Lace Front Long Curly Pink Wig


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